Expert Nurse Recruitment Services

Recruitment Project

This is suitable for clients looking for 6 or more nurses or HCAs.

PCA Nursing will build a dedicated Micro Website which will be used to market your position across the EU.

Over a period of 3 weeks we will screen applicants until we have the required number for interview.

We will schedule an interview day, the interviews will be conducted online using your tool of choice; Skype, Zoom, Teams etc.

The interview schedule will be fully managed and a member of the PCA team will be available to deal with any possible technical or timing issues.

Reverse Projects

The reverse project follows the same steps as the recruitment project with one huge difference, instead of interviewing the candidate online, PCA Nursing will arrange for the candidate to arrive in Ireland or the UK for the purpose of a face to face interview.

PCA Nursing coordinates this whole process and also burdens all the risk, by paying for the whole process up front, you will only pay a fee once a successful hire has started.

For more information on how this works and to establish if it is a potential solution for you please visit the following page.

Presently on hold due to COVID

One off positions

If you are in a position where you are only looking for one or two staff, we can help with this too.

Once we have all the details regarding your vacancies we will start speaking to candidates about your offering. As we are continuously speaking to candidates, we are ideally placed to work on position this way.


We have a large group of employers who have signed up to our prospecting service. From time to time we will have candidates who meet with all your requirements and we will then send this candidate to you, which will give you the chance to see if they fit into your present hiring situation.

The candidates who we would prospect are true superstars, and many of our clients find ways to fit them in even in a situation where they don’t have any existing vacancies.

We will only send you CVs this way if you have previously agreed.

PCA Nursing delivers results and adds value to your Hospital / Nursing Home as your Nurse recruitment and retention partners. We are able to use our extensive experience, industry knowledge and resources to identify and qualify the right nurse candidate for your unique situation.

We utilize a proven four-step process that interacts with your staff and uncovers the traits and skill sets needed for the candidate to add value and succeed in your organisation.


PCA nursing will manage the collection of all required compliance for any successful candidate. This is completed based on your requirements.


PCA nursing will manage will assist in all areas of relocation, including booking all flights and managing all logistics. We will also assist in the sourcing of accommodation both temporary and permanent.


PCA Nursing’s AFTERCARE PACKAGE is what really sets us apart. Even though we are a recruitment company, we measure our success based on the retention of the candidates you hire with us. On a candidates arrival, we ensure they are aware of everything they need to know, we offer them full assistance with obtaining PPS and NI numbers, registering for taxes and opening a bank account.

We stay in touch with all candidates after their arrival over the first 12 months, with regular contact to ensure all is good and to discuss any concerns they might have.

Employer of Choice Group

Top Talent Sourcing is a process where we have put together a list of preferred clients in specific areas, this list is based on standards, salary expectation, career and training opportunities and much more. When really strong candidates come to us looking for a move we promote these preferred clients as employers of choice, provide them with all the clients details and let them pick where they feel they would like to work. If they have selected your Nursing Home or Hospital, we will then send on their CV pack, let you know if they have also selected any other position and manage the process from there.