Expert Nurse Recruitment Unit

PCA Nursing delivers results and adds value to your Hospital / Nursing Home as your Nurse recruitment and retention partners. We are able to use our extensive experience, industry knowledge and resources to identify and qualify the right nurse candidate for your unique situation.

We utilize a proven four-step process that interacts with your staff and uncovers the traits and skill sets needed for the candidate to add value and succeed in your organisation.

PCA Nursing offers three search options. This allows you to determine what is best for your organisation.

  • Retained Search

  • Contingency Search

  • Top Talent Sourcing

Top Talent Sourcing is a process where we have put together a list of preferred clients in specific areas, this list is based on standards, salary expectation, career and training opportunities and much more. When really strong candidates come to us looking for a move we promote these preferred clients as employers of choice, provide them with all the clients details and let them pick where they feel they would like to work. If they have selected your Nursing Home or Hospital, we will then send on their CV pack, let you know if they have also selected any other nursing jobs and manage the process from there.

Components of a Successful Search

  • Experienced Recruiters

  • The Methodology

  • Commitment

As nurses know that we provide this service, we receive regular calls asking ”Who we feel are the employers of choice in specific areas?”


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